Skindred – Volume

623_Skindred_RGB[1] At first after listening to the first track, “Under Attack”, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about Skindred whom I’ve never even heard about before a few days ago. It had too much of a rap metal feel to it and I am not exactly the biggest fan of rap metal with bands like Limp Bizkit being vomit to my ears and it’s just a fucking mess. Only very rarely has it ever worked for me and even then just enough, but the single (which is also “Under Attack”) slowly grew on me as the rhythm and upbeat feel with metal/rock guitars mixing very nicely with the reggae styled vocals and lyrics became more and more appealing with each play. And after finally sitting down and listening to Skindred’s upcoming sixth album, “Volume”, in full I can happily say, and I still can’t believe I’m saying this, that this album truly is something that is both solid and interesting. Solid because the whole album has a great beat, overall sound, and a feel that feels both refined and chaotic at the same time. Interesting because Skindred have managed to pack so many genre into one album including reggae, metal, rock, and a little bit of rap with neither one being too overpowering but with others being more obvious than others (mainly the reggae and metal). The thing that was just a little off putting about “Volume” were the three interludes that weren’t even a minute long, but they just messed up the flow for me, but that’s just me being a nit picky bitch. But in the end, “Volume” is a very well done album from a band that know how to do their own unique blend of music and you should not expect these guys to be giving up anytime soon because they surely have plenty of steam left even with this being album number six. Skindred is one of those rare bands for me that do a blend of music that I rarely give a thumbs up to, and yet here I am giving my thumbs up to “Volume” and will continue to when it comes out October 30th.


WATCH the music video for “Under Attack” via YouTube below.

BUY “Volume” via iTunes here.

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