Born of Osiris – Soul Sphere

BORN_OF_OSIRIS_-_SOUL_SPHERE_1425 Born of Osiris has always been one of those bands to me that some of my friends love to death and whenever I’m in the car with them or just hanging out I will hear a little of Born of Osiris, and fortunately I can’t recall even once wishing that they weren’t playing although I was exactly enthralled by what I heard. They sound like a deathcore band, plain and simple. But after listening to their upcoming album, “Soul Sphere”, I realized that there was a certain amount of depth to their music, albeit it’s not obvious, overpowering, or really relevant when you think about it. In fact, over the course of 12 tracks, the record examines three tiers originally uncovered in a dream that Joe Buras (clean vocals, synthesizers, keyboards) shared. “The whole story of the record involves three levels,” explains Joe. “The first one is The Binding. You’re hanging, and you’re stagnant. The second is The Fight. You were hanging, but now you’re pulling away from this linchpin, whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual. The final is The Release. You break away and feel free, connected, and loved.” So just imaging “Soul Sphere” being divided into three tiers like that makes this album a little bit more interesting and more savory if you’re real big into deathcore. Then the style of just the brutal growls mixed with the higher pitched screeches make a nice combination that works very well for their genre especially when mixed with the heavy guitars and drums that have a good quality throughout all of “Soul Sphere”. The one thing that I couldn’t stand out of this entire album is that sometimes everything would have an intentional stutter to that and to me that just fucks up the flow and melody since the only place that crap belongs is in techno and even then it gives me a headache. Other than that one thing, no complaints here towards Born of Osiris. “Soul Sphere” is an interesting album without a doubt and if you’re a fan of either the genre or the band then you will not be disappointed with this album, and if you’re neither of those maybe gives this album a chance because it definitely made this band a good deal more appealing.


BUY “Soul Sphere” via iTunes here (out October 23rd).

LISTEN to the first track, “Free Fall”, via Youtube below.

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FOLLOW Born of Osiris on Twitter : @BOOOfficial


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