Nuclear – Formula for Anarchy

 This is by far one of the most violent and impressive thrash albums that I’ve heard all year. Nuclear have so far been busting out an album albums every year since 2006, and now they’re back with their newest full length of chaotic thrash metal. “Formula for Anarchy” is exactly what it sounds like: an amalgamation of old school thrash metal, new school thrash, a tinge of old school death metal, and some hardcore-punk for good measure that tears down every sort of barrier it could possibly have with its destructive sound being just what any and all thrash fans need in their collections. Each track off of this monster has the lightning fast pace that you would expect and it exceeds all you could want as most tracks don’t reach over 3 minutes as to contain all the destructive madness in as short but yet powerful time as possible in true thrash metal fashion. And I don’t think I have to say very much to say that “Formula for Anarchy” is very violent because just look at that cover art! If you’re a fan of some of the original Slayer albums then that cover might interest you and that’s good because this album reminds me of those albums, but I find Nuclear to be much better for my ear holes. The fact that everything about this album almost makes me want to go out and start a fight because of its raw aggressive energy says a lot. Not a lot of bands are able to do that for me anymore, so that makes “Formula for Anarchy” a very intriguing album that is by far one of the best thrash albums that 2015 has yet to send towards my ears, but I’m confident enough saying that Nuclear have made one of the best thrash pieces of the year without a doubt. “Formula for Anarchy” is a chaotic opus that leaves no survivors and destroys everything in sight with the power of raw thrash metal alone.


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2 thoughts on “Nuclear – Formula for Anarchy

    1. By that I assume you mean you want me to review the album? Unless you wanna make the review then feel free haha but either way I’ll happily check it out and throw up a review in a few days no problem

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