Draconian – Sovran

606_Draconian_CMYK Of all the many genres that there are in the world of metal, and that includes multitudes of hybrid genres like blackened death to name one of many. But one that I never once even thought to dream up is the combining of doom and gothic metal, and never could I have imagined that it would work as well as it did with Daconian’s upcoming 6th full length album, “Sovran”. You would think that I would hear about the previous five but sadly I have not, but “Sovran” is as good a place to start as any with this album being an excellent amalgamation of crushing doom metal and tranquil gothic metal that I never could have seen coming. The thing that really helped blend the two together was the fact that the swap between the genres were made clearer than a cloudless day as each side had its own vocals that personified their respective genre perfectly. The doom side is covered by some awesomely deep growls that fit perfectly with the slow tempo of the heavy ass guitars and drums which compiled creates a great doom sound that stays true to its genre all the way. Then there’s the gothic side which is completed with a woman vocalist who has a beautiful voice that suits the rest of the band that shifts all the way with the instant change in vocals which makes each track dynamic in several ways in terms of sound and style alone. And in case for you doom metal fans who are afraid of (relatively) short tracks then there is no need to fear as not one single track is shorter than 6 minutes long at the shortest. And while I wouldn’t say that “Sovran” is ground-breaking or awesomely fantastic, it definitely shows that Draconian is a unique band in every sense of the word and that makes them special in many ways. This album is a unique blend of two completely different styles into one very well done album. Now, if you would excuse me, I need to check out the first five albums these guys have put out. They’ve caught my 100% attention.


LISTEN to the track “Stellar Tombs” off of the album via SoundCloud here.

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