Parius – Confined (single)

a4205364603_10 Never did I once think that out of the City of Brotherly Love would come a melodic death metal band that showed promise that Parius have done with their debut track “Confined” off of their upcoming debut album, “Saturnine”. Let me first just say that Parius haven’t done anything super innovative or creative with this single, instead it’s a nice 3-minute track that stays comfortably within the borders of melo-death to the point where a fan of the genre like myself can enjoy all the time. Everything comes out of the gate at full blast with the growls being intense, the guitars and bass having great rhythm along with being very heavy, and the drums not letting up for the entire track. It didn’t have any sort of special tone or really stuck out in any sort of way, which is unfortunate but doesn’t mean that Parius are unimaginative. This is but one track off of a 12-track album and I have faith that this band is keeping something awesome hidden from us. The actual release of “Saturnine” is November 18th and you can bet that I will remember this album as “Confined” has gotten my attention and made me very intrigued as to what Parius has up their sleeves.”Saturnine” surely will be something to be heard, without a doubt in my mind.


LISTEN to “Confined” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Parius on Facebook here.


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