Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six

9XcmmuVa I remember reading articles about “Got Your Six” months before it’s release with band members like Zoltan (guitarist) saying how this album will be much more brutal and dynamic, and I highly doubted that. Mainly because their 3 latest albums at that time (“American Capitalist”, “Wrong Side of Heaven” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) were heavy in their own rights, yes, but the ballads always fucked up the flow for me no matter how much the radios love them. I wanted to see something more akin to “Way of the Fist” or, even better, “War is the Answer” where there was real anger and real intensity behind every single moment. And as if there was a god who gave me everything, “Got Your Six” is almost exactly what I wanted out of these guys and I am satisfied beyond words. Almost straight from the get-go, 5FDP start off with some brutality that is just right for them as the guitars kept a nice, high tempo (not thrash high, of course) throughout just about each of the 14-tracks. Most of the tracks were also less than 4 minutes long which says that those songs are fast which leads to heavier feel and more intense vocals, and that is true for all of them. The only one that doesn’t have that fact as present as much is the final track, “I Apologize”, which is easily one of my least favorite songs off “Got Your Six” as it does not have that same aggressive feel that almost the rest of the album has, but it is the final track so it didn’t mess up the tempo or atmosphere if it were in the middle of the album. Now, do I think that “Got Your Six” is the best thing that Five Finger Death Punch has ever put out? No, but it definitely is one of their best which is way more than what I was expecting from this album and I will gladly take it! “Got Your Six” packs a punch without any question, and if you’re any sort of fan of this band then you will be blown away by the intensity and energy that they have been lacking for years until now. And when Five Finger Death Punch releases their next album in about 2 years if the cycle continues, I really hope that they keep the [for them] brutal trend going. That would be fucking awesome.


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