Black Ink Sun – Take the Fall

Take The Fall - EP Front Cover What is something that a small band needs to lift themselves off the ground and really show the world that they aren’t messing around? A killer sound, and it the world of metal that fact is doubled as there is always a new band somewhere else doing the same thing. “Take the Fall” by Black Ink Sun is an album that can certainly help this band spread their wings as this EP definitely has a killer sound. Taking elements from some newer death metal bands nowadays (especially in the vocals department) along with some really heavy metal, Black Ink Sun have made an aggressive album that has a real kick to it. What’s neat about “Take the Fall” for me is that the guitars and bass create a real crunch to them that make each track very heavy and a sound that any real fan of intense metal will appreciate. And although this EP only has 4 tracks to its name, they are still far much more well done than what so many other bands try to create even after creating a few albums, which to me proves that Black Ink Sun truly are on to something. “Take the Fall” is a very nice combination of fierce vocals, incredible riffs and notes, and a crunchy beat that show Black Ink Sun have to potential to do great things. This EP is something that has to be heard, no two ways about it.


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