Meuchelmord – Apathie

a1938977556_10 I am a fan of almost all sorts of black metal and have explored my fair share of its many, many sub-genres. Blackened thrash, blackened death, atmospheric, and blackened doom are some of my favorites because they work so well for me, but one sub-genre I haven’t had any exposure to is depressive black metal. As the name would suggest, the style is very emotional while still retaining several black metal aspects, especially the harsh vocals. And for me Meuchelmord is a more than good enough introduction for me with “Apathie”. Each song off of this 5-track album except the intro is extremely emotional and lack the intensity that black metal is known for, but luckily the vocals are very harsh no matter what the rest of the band is doing and that really emphasizes the “black metal” in this album. What’s really neat about “Apathie” is how much the tone is used to increase the emotions that just swirl all around in every track. The guitars and drums can speed up and slow down on the drop of a dime and that gives this album a neat pace that never truly disappoints. Overall, Meuchelmord is a good album that to me lives up to my assumptions of depressive black metal and much to my honest amazement I am not disappointed. “Apathie” gives me faith that there’s true potential in its style to me and that makes me want to listen to it more, which is always a great thing.


LISTEN to “Apathie” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Meuchelmord on Facebook here.


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