Xenosis – Sowing the Seeds of Destruction

a2004370793_10 The genre that is known as progressive death metal has seen so much weirdness in its time here on planet Earth that it is ridiculous, and just by looking at that cover art you know as well as I do that Xenosis are only continuing that trend of weirdness. “Sowing the Seeds of Destruction” is an album that shows that Xenosis are within a fucking stone’s throw from finding the sound that can lead them to being one of the most interesting underground bands of their genre, but overall this album is not that great to me. Sure, it’s got its perks like the vocals were intense and had a nice feel to them, the guitars had good rhythm to them with the bass and drums, and just about each track was clearly made through out of the box thinking. What doesn’t quite make this all that great of an album for me is just that the technicality and overall performance just seemed so . . . ordinary. It didn’t grasp my attention all that much, it didn’t sound all that unique, and it definitely was not awe inspiring. That being said, I’m making Xenosis sound much more pedestrian than what they really are as this band truly is something that should be kept under a close eye as their future albums might potentially be something none of us could see coming. “Sowing the Seeds of Destruction” isn’t perfect by no means at all for me at least, but it is a very nice start.


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