Ancient Spheres – In Conspiracy with the Night

a1252880230_10 Any black metal band that dashes out their black metal without hesitation and does it fast and loud is normally a good one. That’s not always the case or true, I will admit, but it holds firm in the case of Ancient Spheres’ new album “In Conspiracy with the Night”. After the ominous instrumental intro track that really pulls you in, Ancient Spheres wastes no time as the very next track begins with a guttural scream and guitars that sound like they came off of a black metal album from the fucking 80s and hold up like them, too. The drums hold a good level of intensity in all 15 tracks (4 of which are bonus ones) which really help each one keep a good fast pace except in some instances when everything is slowed down and meant to unsettle you to only immediately blast you with some more raw black  metal. The only thing that I didn’t really enjoy was the length of the songs because 12 of them stretch over 5 minutes long and it doesn’t really work for me because the tracks feel stretched out a bit too much for me. It takes away just a little bit of quality to me. But “In Conspiracy with the Night” is a very nice and intense black metal album that I would definitely suggest for any fan of the genre as Ancient Spheres really have a grasp on what this genre is supposed to sound like and know how to pull it off. This is Ancient Spheres’ fourth album to date and you can bet your ass I’m gonna go check out the other three because I am very interested in seeing how well this band has done in making a name for themselves.


LISTEN to “In Conspiracy with the Night” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ancient Spheres on Facebook here.


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