Black Lord – Black Ritual Forest

image This is not the rawest black metal that I’ve heard before in my life, but it is some of the best quality if you ask me. Black Lord’s latest helping of black metal, “Black Ritual Forest”, stands as a testament that this genre is still cranking out solid bands with awesome minds to create very new albums that have both a fresh feel to them and a traditional sound at the same time. This album begins and also ends with completely atmospheric intentions that are meant to really set the mood, and they do a phenomenal job. The rest of “Black Ritual Forest” is an excellent mix of intense black metal that is spot on in every instance and just enough atmospheric elements for me to pick it up and that also works with creating a nice feel to all 8 tracks their featured in. And don’t worry if this is any sort of slow black metal, for “Black Ritual Forest” does not have a single song that goes over 4 minutes long and each track that has guitars and drums in it are fast and powerful to the max so you can the most black metal in each running minute. In my truly honest opinion, Black Lord have made what I truly believe is the best pure black metal piece that this year has given to me, and the fact that this is their debut is all the more impressive to me. And “Black Ritual Forest” shows that Black Lord has begun on a promising path that will hopefully lead to more badass black metal.

LISTEN to “Black Ritual Forest” on Bandcamp here.


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