Children of Bodom – I Worship Chaos

10924693_10153059764708737_5028339194325716590_n “Halo of Blood” was this band’s crowning achievement. It led to the top of the metal world for a small period of time, and it has kept that as one of the most popular melodic death metal bands in today’s world. Today, Children of Bodom has released their brand new album, “I Worship Chaos”, and I believe 100% that this album is an equal to its predecessor which says a lot to any of us who heard that album and liked it. I’m not bullshitting you either with that statement because this album is exactly what we wanted from it. Each and every track is fast paced and has a high amount of energy in every strum of the guitars, every beat of the drums, every note of the vocals, and in each rhythm of that the bass puts out. What’s really interesting about this album for me is that there aren’t a whole bunch of solos that many bands do to try and fluff their songs and make them sound like badasses. But Children of Bodom are badass by just being themselves, so the lack of a lot of solos doesn’t hurt the quality of “I Worship Chaos” in any way. And on that note, the solos that are in this album are fucking amazing. The vocals sound just the same as they were in “Halo of Blood” which is a fantastic thing to me because they were perfect in that album and they are perfect with this one because they bring the energy, the intensity, and feel that is necessary both for death metal and sounding awesome. If you were worried that “I Worship Chaos” was going to fall off and be very underwhelming and an unworthy successor to the last album, then you have less than nothing to fear because this is a fantastic album as one of the best parts is there is not one filler song which is. . . just. . . so great. “I Worship Chaos” is a must listen to if you are any sort of melodic death metal fan, and I can guarantee that unless you are an elitist asshole then you will definitely enjoy this record.
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LISTEN to the single “Morrigan” via YouTube below.

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