Arreat Summit – Frostburn

a0537371247_10 I remember hearing Arreat Summit’s debut full length, “Feast of the Wicked”, and thinking to myself, “pretty good, but can be done a little better”. And their newest release, “Frostburn”, proves that Arreat Summit have really started to create music that sounds both dynamic and interesting for anything who can listen to death metal like myself. The first thing that got my attention was the hooks that the guitars pulled off very nicely at the beginning and at several points throughout the two tracks that are featured on this EP. The vocals had a good rasp to them that usually isn’t suited for death metal as much as it could be for something more black metal-like, but Arreat Summit’s vocalist makes it work really well as sometimes there will be another vocalist who comes in with a deeper set of more guttural vocals that really amplify the intensity of the rest of the band flawlessly. The guitars have a good groove to them that persisted through both tracks and really mixed well with the bass that had a real crunch to it alongside the good beat of the drums. The fact that Arreat Summit has greatly improved since their debut says a lot to me as “Frostburn” shows that this band is really starting to grasp a hold of the feel and the sound that they want to create, and so far they’re proving that it’s going well. If their next release is better than this EP, oh my god I will be all over that shit.


WATCH the lyric video to “Frostburn” via YouTube below.

LISTEN to “Frostburn” in full on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Arreat Summit on Twitter : @Arreat_Summit


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