Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land

a2010151622_10 India is without a doubt one of the most dynamic and interesting country in terms of the metal scene that is quickly growing there and the amount of bands that have put out albums of noteworthy quality in the last two years alone. One of those bands who are at the absolute forefront of that scene is Rectified Spirit who have decided to not be just old school metal or new school metal, but instead straight down the middle that takes the best of both worlds and creating a fantastic sound. Their brand new album “The Waste Land” is a marvelous mixture of heavy and progressive metal that consists of both clean vocals and growls that are balanced very well in all 8 tracks. The guitars have a good, heavy sound to them that always pack a punch at every point, and sometimes they’ll slow down to an acoustic guitar that has a really nice feel to it that really pulls you out and lightens the mood. That being said, it doesn’t happen a lot which is okay. The drums have a sick beat in each track that helps the song feel that way it’s supposed to feel with it being either slow and atmospheric or a more fast and energetic feel. All in all, though, Rectified Spirit have really hi the nail on the head with “The Waste Land”. They have proven to be one of India’s most interesting bands (in my eyes) at the moment and that really says something. Do not be surprised if you see these guys popping up here and there because they are here to kill and take names, and “The Waste Land” is only just the glorious beginning.


LISTEN to “The Waste Land” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Rectified Spirit on Facebook here.


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