Tine – The Forest Dreams of Black

a2158812893_10 There are ever so many combinations that can be made with the various genres out there, and sometimes they make great matches while others not so much. Tine has decided to combine the three different genres of black, death, and little bit of symphonic metal for their debut album “The Forest Dreams of Black”. Stretching out to almost an hour long, this album is very interesting in every sense of the term as each track is its own little adventure with this two-man band. One such example is one track, “The Crusade of Dracul” (which is my favorite), being about Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for Dracula) and his life as a king. The vocals are very harsh as they switch between being more like death metal and black metal type vocals, and sometimes he combines them to create a truly intense sound that fits perfectly with the monstrous feel of the guitars and drums that are always fast and are nothing but good. This is also Tine’s debut, mind you, and a damn good one at that. If this is what just these two guys can whip up with guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums then I don’t know what they could possibly create with a sophomore effort. Only more awesomeness if I had to guess. And as a pro-tip if you don’t like black/death metal vocals three tracks off of “The Forest Dreams of Black” are completely instrumental so you can get all the growl-free greatness you want. It’s that kind of versatility that makes this album really good and I highly suggest it if you’re looking for a hybrid-genre album because Tine has got the shit for you.


WATCH the lyric video for “The Crusade of Dracul” via YouTube below!

LISTEN to “The Forest Dreams of Black” in full via Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tine on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Tine on Twitter : @TineBlackDeath


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