Siderian – Cancel Your Future

a2294810183_10 Siderian captured my attention with their single, “Reduced Aisle”, as it was a nice mixture of so many things that did not clash or disagree with one another, and now that their debut EP “Cancel Your Future” is out I can safely say the entire album is like that and it shows nothing but good things for this band’s future. Albeit there are only 4 tracks off of “Cancel Your Future”, Siderian still manage to have an interesting sound throughout all of them and even though they were pretty far from perfect (in my opinion) they were still very good for a debut EP and shows that Siderian have a true grip on the sound that they want to try and master. The vocals have a growl to them that are very akin to black metal, the guitars and bass have a melodic factor to them while having a great feel to them in all of the tracks, and the drums have a killer beat that don’t let up no matter what. And taking all of that made “Cancel Your Future” a fairly enjoyable album to me, but I do know that Siderian have got a long way to go until they perfect their style. When that happens, I’ll be there to see how this group as improved and I’ve no doubt that improve is all that they will do after busting out this very exceptional debut.


LISTEN to “Cancel Your Future” on Bandcamp here.

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