Abraxxas – The Killing Fields (single)

a2359306113_10 With thrash metal, everything that could possibility be thought of has already been done a thousand times over, so nowadays you can only hope for a band that has a refreshing sound while still keeping that same feel that thrash metal fans know inside and out every day of the week, and Abraxxas is one such band with their new single, “The Killing Fields”. The song is much as you would expect from a thrash band, but what really made it stand out for me was the vocals because while they aren’t all that unique, they do have a underlying melodic element that is ever so subtle while having a interesting tone that really helps amplify the feel of the very fast guitars and drums as they should. If the upcoming EP/album that “The Killing Fields” comes off of is like this track, then I can safely say it won’t be amazingly awesome, but it definitely will be something to check out. Abraxxas have shown that they are thrash metal for true fans of the genre that just want a good quality thrash band to listen to, and Abraxxas can deliver several times over I’m sure. Not the best track, like I said, but it without a doubt shows plenty of promise from these guys.


LISTEN to “The Killing Fields” (along with an addition bonus track!) on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Abraxxas on Facebook here.


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