Obsidian Tide – Debris

a3905928731_10 In terms of how high the quality of a progressive death metal can go, Obsidian Tide is pretty far up there as their latest album, “Debris”, is an excellent piece of its genre to say in the absolute least. Even though out of the 5 total tracks off of “Debris”, two of them are completely instrumental and they showcase the band’s versatility and intriguing sound that isn’t stuck completely to death metal. But the actual death metal is really good as it’s intense, got a great pace, and the vocals switch between awesome guttural growls to a calmer set of clean vocals that also have a very nice feel and sound to them. Both of them form a nice duo of vocals that I guess can be considered “-core” but I’m just gonna leave it at progressive death as I can care less about genre classification because “Debris” gets two thumbs way high up from me. Albeit, it’s not the best I’ve heard from its genre, it’s still high quality and I can highly suggest it to any fan of their style as Obsidian Tide are spot on with the sound that they wanted to make for themselves. “Debris” is most certainly not the last from this Israeli band and I really hope that they only improve as I’d be very keen to see what these guys can do with future albums.


LISTEN to “Debris” on Bandcamp here.

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