Amrinan – Songs to Son

a4167825649_10 I’ve never once thought a band could combine progressive and heavy metal into something very interesting and make it work, but with like most of my assumptions I’m proven wrong by the universe and its infinite wisdom because Amrinan has done just that with their newest album, “Songs to Son”. With having 10 tracks and well over 35 minutes of a very interesting mix, Amrinan is definitely on the forefront of Israel’s creative scene for both metal and rock as “Songs to Son” is a great feat for any sort of band that’s just starting out or otherwise. The vocals are very smooth for the most part of the album which is where the heavy metal parts is emphasized with the guitars also having somewhat of a classic sound to it that worked really well with the drums as well. The progressive parts come in with some parts slowing down, and everything becoming atmospheric, and it works very well which I was not expecting to say in the least. Also as a side note, “amrinan” is apparently ancient Aramaic for “what we have to say”. So think about that and what the band might have to say through music. Overall though, “Songs to Son” is a pretty well rounded album that I suggest for a classic sound with a unique twist to it, and this album just continues to prove to me that Israel is a literal hot spot for uprising innovation for metal and rock music. And that gives me hope for future albums from bands such as Amrinan.


LISTEN to “Songs to Son” on Bandcamp here.


One thought on “Amrinan – Songs to Son

  1. I got their album about a month ago, I was impressed with their style and yes what the add in meaning through lyrics but mostly through music. Great vocals!
    Another Israeli band I just discovered is Desert with their new album Never Regret also very amnazing

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