Chugun – Virus

a0147484606_10 Some things in this world are truly made for each other and make a perfect match. Today’s example is the combination of death and thrash metal that usually turn out great albums and one such album is Chugun’s brand new debut “Virus”. Keeping things quick and packing a punch the whole while, Chugun leave no stone unturned or untouched as each track was amazingly fast and intense that will surely get fans of both genres will find plenty of things to enjoy from “Virus”. Thrash metal fans will love the speed of the tracks with only one track being over 4 minutes long and the guitars and drums are, of course, very fast and have a great feel to them. Death metal fans will enjoy the vocals that aren’t very deep but they’re very intense as they keep the anger and intensity going through all 9 tracks without letting up even once. “Virus” has a fantastic sound to it that is as good as it could get with a debut album, so when Chugun bust out a sophomore album I’ve no doubt it will only sound infinitely more badass than what this album already is. If you consider yourself any sort of death/thrash fan, then you must check out “Virus” because otherwise you’re missing out one of the year’s best debut death/thrash albums of the year!


LISTEN to “Virus” via YouTube below!

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