Dolan Brotherhood – Love and Hurricanes

db-cd-package-out In terms of how much I like rock compared to metal, I like both very much and I’m never afraid to check out some of that nice not-so-heavy rock. “Love and Hurricanes” from Dolan Brotherhood is that album today for me. Albeit I’m not exactly enthralled by this album, it definitely has a lot of appeal to it with the most interesting thing about this album being that there are quite a few hooks and riffs spread throughout all 6 tracks that make each of them just a little bit more enjoyable. Everything from the vocals to the guitars and drums to the overall feel of “Love and Hurricanes” has a real nice flow to them that really helps this record have a nice fluid feel to it and it becomes more present as it goes on if you really pay attention. Also, if you want to satisfy your need for some lengthy songs, then be happy to know that most (4) of the tracks off this are over 5 minutes long and have a pretty nice groove to them. Overall though, “Love and Hurricanes” is a nice rock album that shows Dolan Brotherhood know what they’re doing with their music. It could use just a little tweaking for me, but it still is a good album no matter how you look at it.


LISTEN to “Love and Hurricanes” via their official website.

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