Chiral – Night Sky

a0080942447_10 It’s always cool to know that one man has the capability to create something so complex and interesting in a single album. But this is not Chiral’s first album. This is his seventh album to be exact (demos included), so that means this guy has honed his sound, feel, and texture to such a degree that if this isn’t his crowning piece then I’d be severely impressed because his newest release, “Night Sky”, is a very nice album that is done really well done to the most perfect note that could’ve possibly been chosen. And being atmospheric black metal, there’s obviously atmospheric elements throughout the record and they, too, have a great feel as they pull you back from the intense black metal and really bring things into perspective and peaceful tones dominate everything else. When the actual black metal comes out, the vocals aren’t very harsh but they are just intense enough to mold perfectly with the fast guitars and the drums that have a beat that just has to consist of pure lightning. And with a great feel that persists in all 5 tracks that together reach just under an hour in total length, “Night Sky” is an album that has to checked out if you’re any sort of atmospheric black metal fan. Even if you’re just getting into it or want something different, Chiral has got the shit for you and I’ve no doubt that he will continue to make the shit for with subsequent albums that I’m sure will come soon enough.


LISTEN to “Night Sky” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chiral on Facebook here.


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