Army of Dagon (self-titled)

a0829599909_10 Mixing traditional doom and modern metal elements together is no easy feat no matter who you are, but somehow Army of Dagon has managed to pull it off with their new self-titled album pretty well. It’s not perfect if you were to ask me as there are a few ways that I think the sound could be improved, but that’s just personal preferences of mine. This album has got a very nice sound to it. It’s not very heavy like many other doom metal albums I’ve heard, but that’s what makes it sound very traditional I suppose. The vocals don’t usually dip below a normal singing tone, but occasionally in a few songs they do drop lower and become a real growl that doom metal listeners like myself are far more familiar with. The guitars have a slow tempo (obviously) and aren’t that heavy, but they do have a nice sound to them that when combined with the drums they create a very interesting feel to them at plenty of moments. Overall, not the best album if you ask me. Army of Dagon is definitely onto something, though. If they could just refine and tweak their sound a little bit I’ve no doubt that I’ll be able to love this band, but for now this album still gets my thumbs up in terms of recommendation and approval. An interesting feat for a band trying to merge the past and modern with their own originality.


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