Vacivus – Rite of Ascension

Vacivus - Rite of Ascension cover art In terms of how raw and intense blackened death metal can get, Vacivus isn’t the most intense, but it is definitely up there. Their upcoming album “Rite of Ascension” contains 5 brutality well done track that sound as if they came straight from the void itself. The vocals have such a raw tone to them that it won’t take much for black and death metal fans to be drawn towards this album when it comes out. Even though I’m not big into the guitars of this EP, I can feel the power that is being unreleased through them and that’s what truly makes them more black than death metal if you ask me. The same goes for the drums that have an array of killer blast beats in each song that would be able to create mosh pits if you played them in front of enough people. “Rite of Ascension” is without a doubt in my mind one of the underground blackened death metal releases from this year that you have got to check out if you think you’re any sort of fan of that style. This is not a very great album, if you ask me, but it is definitely some to be interested about.


LISTEN to the demo of some tracks off of “Rite of Ascension” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vacivus on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Vacivus on Twitter : @VacivusAeternum


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