Cartheus – The Dispute (single)

a1192349339_10 This is a track that you have to listen to when you’re looking to chill. This is not a track you want to play to get the energy at a party. “The Dispute” is Cartheus’ single from their upcoming debut album, and while the only problem I have with it is its pacing, this song is not bad by any means. It had a very nice groove to it with the bass have a good rhythm alongside the fluid guitars that were just spot on to say in the least for the entirety of “The Dispute” which is over 7 minutes long. The vocals sometimes don’t match with the guitars so they don’t really sound all that great at those times, but overall they were very quiet and had a nice flow to them that really made them catchy. Overall, “The Dispute” is not something that I would call great, but it is good for progressive rock and I definitely encourage fans of the genre to check out the full album when it drops . . . soon.


LISTEN to “The Dispute” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cartheus on Facebook here.


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