Audiotopsy – Natural Causes

PromoImage (66) If there was anything that got me intrigued by Audiotopsy it was the fact that two members are from one of my favorite all time bands and the band that got me into metal music: Mudvayne. I would never compare this band to them as they are two different beasts, but it’s a nice bonus. Now onto the real topic of the day: “Natural Causes”. And I have but three words to describe this debut: very well done. Not perfect. Not terrible. Very well done, and one of the most well done albums of the year for me at that!

The only thing that took me a few tracks to get used to were the vocals as I thought they could’ve been fine-tuned a little bit better, but I eventually came to like them as they really do fit with the rest of the band pretty nicely. Everything else, though, was spot on. The guitars had a subtle melodic element to them that matched perfectly with the crunch of the bass and the great beat of the drums that really knew how to keep the pace going and create a solid flow. And it’s the sheer number of tracks and slight diversity between them that what makes “Natural Causes” more dynamic than a typical album. This record also has an immense amount of nice hooks and riffs that just grab your attention and keep you in your seat even longer.

Much to my disbelief and against my first assumptions, Audiotopsy have made a killer of a debut album. “Natural Causes” is all the proof you need to see that this band is onto something. Whether it be because the members have good experience in the world of music, or just that they work well together, Audiotopsy has made an album that is surely the beginning of a very, very interesting group. If or when they put out a sophomore album, I’ve no doubt in my heart and mind that it will kick even more ass than “Natural Causes”. But for now, we only have this album, and what a hell of an album it is.

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3 thoughts on “Audiotopsy – Natural Causes

    1. If you want my advice, some other songs have a little bit of a different sound that might be better if you really wanna give them a second chance. Check out “LYLAB”, “Disguise Your Devils”, and “Distorted” when the full album comes out. Those are the other pretty good tracks for me personally so hopefully you’ll agree. But yeah I won’t buy this either. Not that amazing.

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