Nothing Lies Beyond – Fragile Reality

12030772_10204924216173055_1457772121_n If recently you have ever thought to yourself “damn, I want a brand new band to put a debut album that is some kick ass melodic death metal” then you are in fucking luck as Nothing Lies Beyond’s upcoming debut album, “Fragile Reality”, fits those requirements perfectly! The vocals off of this have a real guttural sound to them while they still maintain a good amount of melody that had a fantastic feel that carried on for all 30+ minutes of “Fragile Reality”. In each track there were brutal guitars that had great hooks and riffs to them that would get any death metal fan into it, but then they would suddenly shift to a really nice acoustic guitar which made this album feel so much more atmospheric and complex the more I listened to them. The drums had a phenomenal beat that brought an absolutely great energy into the mix and it really makes you wanna head bang if you’re any sort of death metal fan who likes it heavy and fast. Overall, though, this is a more than amazing start for Nothing Lies Beyond as “Fragile Reality” is a real punch to the face as it tears up your ears. This is melodic death metal done right and I’ve no doubt anyone else who loves death metal and hears this album will agree with me when this beast drops.


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