Saint Diablo – Devil Horns and Halos

PromoImage (65) I remember hearing Saint Diablo’s well received sophomore self-titled album and thinking “meh” at best. And then I saw that they were releasing their third album, “Devil Horns and Halos”, and felt skeptical when I got the email containing the album, and holy fucking shit was all that worrying for nothing. The producer for this album says, “Saint Diablo has written the best record of their career yet”, and he was absolutely right. This 10-track hard hitter of an album holds nothing back as this is some of the heaviest hardcore that I’ve heard for a long time. The vocals bust in and absolutely tear everything up (in a good way) after the guitars burst in with a powerful kick that has a very catchy sound to it that is the epitome of a riff that isn’t a riff, and I know that doesn’t make much sense but just go with me on this. It’s the drums that that really make you wanna head-bang to the beat as it’s intense and has plenty of hooks that really get you into the song more than you already were. Then the lyrics have fantastic meaning and depth to them that you just don’t see a whole lot in hardcore anymore as it gets pretty deep as you begin to read in between the lines of them. Taking all of that into account, this is truly Saint Diablo’s greatest achievement as a band. “Devil Horns and Halos” is a phenomenal album that when it drops on November 13th it will excite fans of the band and this genre as it is one that is quite possibly one of my favorites of 2015. It’s got plenty of interesting elements that all come together to make something truly interesting.


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