Never Again – Death Metal Tsunami

a2229992490_10 It’s always good to know that there are new bands out there doing their own things with the genres that we all know and love, and in this case Never Again has only strengthened my love for melodic death metal with their newest EP, “Death Metal Tsunami”. While I cannot understand a single word that the vocalist is saying at any time, they have a terrific sound that is both super intense and just filled with anger while still having that nice tinge of melody because melodic death metal. There are 3 songs in total off of this EP and all of them have really nice guitars and bass that pull off complex riffs that are catchy, heavy, and have a great sound to them. The drums have a very fast paced beat that you would expect from any sort of death metal and the blast beat they have at times works really well with the vocals because as you’d expect one gets faster as the other does. I’m not totally sure if this is Never Again’s debut, but if it is it’s one hell of a debut as it is without a doubt an above average album from a band in a genre where pretty much anything that can be done has been done. If Never Again can really sit down and collaborate on a monster of an album I’ve no doubt that it would keep me planted in my seat for days as “Death Metal Tsunami” is doing for me right now.


LISTEN to “Death Metal Tsunami” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Never Again on Facebook here.

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