Torchia – Ending Beginning

11751125_691144084363045_1932369883_n Of all the sub-genres of metal that there are, I’m probably the most familiar with death metal of all of them. Torchia sadly brought nothing all that new and fascinating as their debut EP, “Ending Beginning”, is a basic death metal album that is just that: death metal. The vocals are intense as you’d expect (not Cannibal Corpse intense), the guitars and bass are fast and heavy to really bring out the death metal, and the drums have a solid beat in all three tracks that aren’t very interesting to me but they earn my approval nonetheless. What would really help me like Torchia a lot more would be if they added some crunchy riffs, a little bit of originality, and/or different style while still remaining true to their genre. “Ending Beginning” is not bad though despite me bashing on it. It’s a solid start for a death metal band in a world where pretty much anything that could be done has been done, and Torchia has just to find their niche. When they do I’ve no doubt they can make a great album, but for now this EP is a nice reminder that there is sprouting metal out there in the world, and Torchia has only just begun their journey.


LISTEN to “Ending Beginning” on SoundCloud here.

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FOLLOW Torchia on Twitter : @Torchiaband


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