Ende – The Rebirth of I

TheRebirthFRONTCOVER I remember hearing Ende’s last EP, “The God’s Rejects”, a few months ago for the first time and just being blown the fuck away. It was literally everything and anything any sort of atmospheric black metal fan could ever think to want out of one album. The vocals were raw beyond comparison, had a solid melody while being as sporadic as possible, and having an amazing sound. Everything was fast and relentless, that goes double for the guitars, drums, and bass as all three of them had such a raw texture and speed to them that I could not help but approve. Then the album had plenty of atmospheric effects that were done very well, placed at good moments, and really made you feel uneasy if you were immersed fully into the music. Well much to your possible disbelief, “The Rebirth of I” amplifies and improves on Ende’s previous work in every single way possible.

Just from the cover art alone you can see that Ende isn’t trying to be overly complicated while also making their special blend of atmospheric black metal have a unique feel to it. Each track has a very nice mixture of intensity, pacing, and atmosphere to them that were done beyond perfectly to the point where I am literally taking money out of my fucking wallet right now so I can buy the album before it even comes out. There are instrumental tracks as well (3 in total, very atmospheric) which is why I didn’t mention the vocals being great in each track. Plenty of these tracks are well over 4 minutes long so you can get your fill of black metal with these tracks easily. They contained very intense riffs that really grab your full attention before the vocals blow your mind to pieces while the drums smash the remains to a pulp.

Now, I mentioned some atmospheric elements. Really the only sort of atmosphere in all of “The Rebirth of I” is basically a recording of a bad rain storm where all you hear is the constant pouring rain and the wailing wind grinding away at your ears. It really helps unnerve you as every track begins and ends with that storm. Sometimes there are extra things added like the sound of a single crow’s caw, the tolling of (what to me sounds like) a church bell, and a man chanting a whole bunch of whatever. The fact that just the sound of the storm was enough to keep me planted in my seat and entertained was fascinating. Then when the actual band kicks in is when all that setup is shown to be done really well as the eerie and unsettling feel leads straight into raw and unrelenting black metal that holds nothing back. Two tracks are less then 3 minutes, are instrumental, and are basically setup tracks for the following ones, but they gel so well together with the storm that I cannot help but applaud at how well Ende took the concept of having atmosphere to music and cranking that up to infinity with “The Rebirth of I”.

Ende has created something truly stunning. They have made what is without a doubt in my mind the absolute best atmospheric black metal album that I have ever heard. They perfectly combined atmosphere and black metal. Neither overpower one another. Both have a fantastic sound and feel. Everything is raw. Everything is intense. Everything is as good as it could get. “The Rebirth of I” is the epitome of when raw meets composure in such a way that will blow people away as it did with me. Easily one of my favorite albums of the year, “The Rebirth of I” is an album that I recommend to any sort of black metal or atmospheric fan when this album drops on the perfect date of October 31st.


LISTEN to Ende’s previous EP “The God’s Rejects” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ende on Facebook here.

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