Iron Maiden – The Books of Souls

book-of-souls-artwork Out of all the big metal bands of way back when, Iron Maiden is easily my second favorite right behind Metallica, but they’re newest album, “The Book of Souls”, may just be my new favorite Maiden album by a long shot. If you were scared that Iron Maiden was going to veer off the course they’ve been paving down since album one, you have nothing to worry about because “The Book of Souls” only goes further down that road and it has a fantastic sound and a classic feel all the while with at the same time having some modern elements added to spice things up a bit. By modern elements I mean the addition of some sweet acoustics at the beginning and end of tracks like the title track and (my personal favorite) “The Black and the Red”. The vocals were pretty much the same as always despite Bruce Dickinson’s recent battle with cancer, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed down Iron Maiden that much as each track still has its traditional vocalist at the helm. Then the guitars weren’t as fast as they used to be if you ask me, but they still have a great sound and rhythm in all 90+ minutes of “The Book of Souls” as they have an absolute plethora of both awesome riffs and complex pieces that will melt the mind of any Maiden fan out there. Each track also contained a simple but great drum beat that, obviously, changed with each track but each beat seemed to flow into that of the next track no matter how fast or slow it was. And while there were a few things that I didn’t find all that appealing with “The Book of Souls” like the feel of “Speed of Light” I didn’t like for whatever reason I’m not quite sure of yet, I was able to deal with those flaws and realize that “The Book of Souls” is a fantastic album that is far more than worthy enough to be added to Iron Maiden’s legendary collection of albums. And I’m positive that many of you will and/or already feel the same way.


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