Magen – Thoughts in Greyscale

a1521471457_10 Alternative metal really is just the music that radios prefer because it’s easier on people’s ears and is usually censored, and I don’t care enough to see if both of those quality for Magen’s debut EP simply because it’s good and that’s all that matters to me. “Thoughts in Greyscale” feature a female vocalist which is something atypical of metal music overall sadly, but Magen doesn’t let that stand in their way as they use the vocalist to her maximum potential as she creates an interesting flow that I feel like would be lacking a little if the vocalist was a dude instead. They were a little higher pitched than I would prefer, but I got over that as it was easy to overlook for me personally but that’s just me. The guitars were very rhythmic and seems more hard rock than metal if you ask me but they were heavy in enough areas for me to still consider this EP overall metal, and the same feel and tone carried over into the drums as well. “Thoughts in Greyscale” had a very nice feel through all 4 tracks, and I approve of this even more since this is Magen’s debut anything; album, EP, etc., etc. I can only sit here and wait for Magen’s follow up as I’m sure that without a doubt they will have improved on everything whenever they’re next thing comes out.


LISTEN to “Thoughts in Greyscale” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Magen on Facebook here.


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