Esotera – Origin

a2023528613_10 It’s typically easy enough for me to put an album into a subgenre or two, but with Esotera’s debut album, “Origin”, I can only come to death metal as a conclusion, but even then it doesn’t feel like death metal. The vocals are very much like death metal from time to time, but overall Esotera plays in a genre that I cannot place, and it sounds pretty fucking good I have to say. The guitars had a very solid variation between being heavy and having a calmer pace and feel to them that is really what seperates “Origin” from normal death metal albums which is why I don’t consider this album that. The drums also had a great beat throughout all 10 tracks which really helped the album feel different at time which is really what they’re supposed to do, and they do it. All things in consideration, “Origin” is a nice album that really shows Esotera has an idea of the sound that they want to create for themselves. They have just to fine tune it and make it something to be marveled at by all.


LISTEN to “Origin” on Bandcamp here.

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