Slayer – Cast the First Stone (single)

XUkLoPIi I was gonna wait until the actual release of “Repentless” to actually check out anything about Slayer’s new thing, but I couldn’t resist anymore when they put out “Cast the First Stone” and decided to check out what the fuck this album will sound like when it drops. And just based upon this song, “Cast the First Stone” has brought my hopes up a little bit in terms of excitement for “Repentless”. Even though I’ll fully admit that I’m more of a Metallica guy and have never really been into Slayer as other people, I have checked out my fair share of Slayer’s music and I have to say that this song is easily my favorite. The simplicity of the song is really what helps this song be as good as it is with the guitars beginning, the drums booming entering after a few moments, and then at about 40 seconds is when shit really gets moving as the thrash comes out of everything and the vocals burst through bringing that angry tone and destructive feel with it. The solo is also magnificent as it is a true thrash solo to say in the least and it only helps improve the song in every way. Without even going over 4 minutes long, “Cast the First Stone” alone has given me hope that Slayer will really pull it off with “Repentless” when it drops on the 11th of September. Hopefully it will be some of the best thrash this year and for a little while to come. Hopefully.


LISTEN to “Cast the First Stone” on SoundCloud here.

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