Monolith Moon – Leylines

CAPA_MM_LEYLINES The word “progressive” literally means when someone or something has implemented new ideas to something, and that is exactly what the essence of progressive metal is and the bands that consider themselves to be in that genre. Monolith Moon is no exception from this either, and that is what makes their debut EP “Leylines” interesting to say in the least for someone like me. And if you haven’t been able to tell by now – “Leylines” has somewhat of a space theme, and even though it’s not obvious the entire time it is indeed present throughout the EP. The fact that the vocals are sung by a woman also bring a smoother and calmer element to the album. The guitars also vary from being more hard rock to actual metal which actually helps create an interesting feel alongside the drums and bass that have a very nice sound in each track. There are also keyboards which really help with that space theme that I mentioned and really where the “progressive” comes into the mix if you ask me. “Leylines” is without a doubt an interesting debut that really shows Monolith Moon has an idea what sound they want to have, and so far I’ve got no complaints. They just gotta make it unique to them and then will it truly be great.


LISTEN to the first track, “Degeneration”, via YouTube below.

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