Lucid Fly – Stasis

lpcover-stasis500-350x350 Whenever I think radio rock bands, the first genre that I think of is alternative rock as it seems to be that genre littered with bands that make songs for the radio and nothing else. I was very afraid that Lucid Fly was gonna be added to that list, but fortunately that is not the case. All 3 tracks off of “Stasis” aren’t exactly something I’d call amazing or fantastic, but they were definitely more for someone like myself who prizes tracks that have emotion poured into them and that is without a doubt the case with “Stasis”. The female vocals also make this an interesting album as they really flow with the rhythmic guitars and drums to create a real fluid sound to the EP that worked really well if you ask me. They have room for improvement, no doubt, but Lucid Fly have a solid sound that can definitely be made great if they really try for it with any future albums that I’m sure they’ll put out any time now. Overall, “Stasis” is a nice rock album that you hardcore alternative rock fans out there should really be able to dig as it has got everything you want out of this genre with a special twist with the vocals being sung by a woman. Not hugely significant for this album, but interesting nonetheless.


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