Whispered – Sakura Omen (single)

11401336_10155692787155721_6764479089506432881_n The one thing that I could never have seen coming no matter how much I thought about the possibility of it being a thing is melodic death metal mixed with epic metal that is heavily Japanese influenced. Now, that right there just sounds like a big fucking mess as a band trying to merge two cool things together to make each more badass and it would be too good to be true if it worked. Well, it does work and is too good to be true because Whispered have made a name for themselves along with their niche group of fans (of which I’m now a part of). When I first heard their first two albums, I was blown the fuck away with how good each of them were, and I was even more happy to see that they’ve recently released a single off of their new upcoming third release. The single, “Sakura Omen”, is proof that Whispered have only just begun with their unique genre that I decide to call Japanese melo-death, and their at the moment unnamed third album is shaping up to be another doozy. Combining instruments that are signature to Japanese culture with heavy vocals, guitars, and drums is a simple combination but it is very potent nonetheless. The entire 7+ minute track has a great pace and longevity to it that had a fantastic sound to it that just pulls you in, and that goes doubly if you’re any sort of fan of Japanese music. Then around the 1 minute mark the guitars just break into this mad solo that are spot on flawless to say in the least along with the intense vocals that had a great sound and feel to them that you can only expect from a quality melodic death metal band which Whispered definitely is. If the whole of Whispered’s third album is anything like “Sakura Omen” then I’m more than excited. And if it’s not, well fuck it I’m still excited! This band’s got me hooked and I can’t wait to see what they’ll dash out in the future.


WATCH the lyric video for “Sakura Omen” via YouTube below.

BUY “Sakura Omen” (+bonus “Mega Man X” cover song!) via iTunes here.

LIKE Whispered on Facebook here.


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