Eye of Horus – Infernal Calling

a0699591667_10 Ah, melodic death metal; one of my favorite genres in the entire metal kingdom simply because it’s intense and has form to it that makes it a little bit catchier to me. Eye of Horus’ new album “Infernal Calling” is no exception to that rule. And like some other melo-death bands, Eye of Horus have chosen to not have as much melodic elements and focus more on the death metal which isn’t bad by any means at all. The guitars had a brutal crunch to them that you should expect from death metal and it’s delivered magnificently, and as you would think from this genre they have nice composure throughout all of “Infernal Calling” that I cannot help but approve of with it being ever present but not over powering. The same goes with the vocals which had absolute power in them as they were brutal and also felt a little restrained as they weren’t trying to be the main center piece of the album, which vocals always are if the band’s not instrumental, of course. Then the drums had a fast beat at certain places, slower in others, and constantly shifted back and forth which really gave “Infernal Calling” an interesting feel it certain areas and a more heavy feel in others. All in all, this is a pretty well rounded album as nothing over powered another and everything off the album was solid in their own respective ways. If you want some melodic death metal that’s not so melodic, Eye of Horus is the band for you by miles.


LISTEN to “Infernal Calling” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Eye of Horus on Twitter : @eyeofhorusband


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