Every Hour Kills (self-titled)

11401390_650652811701192_5099795054681674011_n I never thought was a melodic metal album would sound like if a band were to infuse just the slightest bit of electronics into the mix, and then I heard Every Hour Kills’ self-titled debut. Okay, that’s a lie. I heard their first single off the album, “Almost Human”, months ago and it had a little electronics in there, but they were very brief while used very well. And much to my happiness, the same thing is incorporated in the other 4 tracks off of “Every Hour Kills”. Each song has an uplifting kind of feel to them that while I can’t say whether or not their themes were positive, they definitely had a somewhat upbeat sound to them that really made listening to them very pleasant. What’s really interesting is that the vocals had a real flow to them and they were somewhere in between being smooth and intense vocals at the same time. It’s weird for me to say that, but I don’t know how else to explain it. The guitars however were melodic and heavy, the beat of the drums was on point and kept the pace of the album rolling no matter what, and the electronic bits like I said were used to their maximum potential without being overused. Overall, this is a pretty solid debut from a modern melodic metal band and I know plenty of you will agree with me if you’re open to plenty of genres like I am. “Every Hour Kills” comes out September 18th, and pro-tip: if you buy the deluxe version you get instrumental versions of each track. Very interesting in my opinion.


LISTEN to the single “Almost Human” via YouTube below

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