Ghost – Meliora

ghostmelioracd Ever since hearing Year of the Goat’s “The Unspeakable”, occult rock has been the genre that has intrigued me the most so far this year. So what better band to follow up on that than none other than Ghost? I couldn’t come with an answer so I checked out their newest album, “Meliora”, and holy fucking shit is it good! Straight from the very beginning track this album already earns my thumbs way up into the air. The smooth, upbeat sound of the vocals are only enhanced when Papa Emeritus III comes in with his dark lyrics that you have to think about a little to understand, but after a little while they’re as clear as day and all the better because of it. The guitars, drums, bass, and added instruments (ex.: piano) all come together to create this amazing feel that was light but it was packed to the brim with creativity that was performed in the most flawless way that I could have ever hoped for. There are 10 tracks total with “Meliora”, but Ghost uses 2 tracks to really set the atmosphere and tone for future tracks with two short instrumental interludes that like I said helped set the feel for later tracks. The melody that is also contained in this album is exactly on point to where I cannot help but give a roaring thumbs up to each and every track off of “Meliora”! This is an amazing album that is without a doubt one of my favorites of the year with how well done this is and how consistent the great feel of it is no matter at which point in the album you’re at. Definitely one of the albums to check out if you’re looking for something different, and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by the time that final note of the final track hits your ears.


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