Disturbed – Immortalized

11403009_10153530041682384_6808268181857068754_n I have been a fan of Disturbed for years, heard of all their albums, loved some, disliked one, and waited for this one. And now that “Immortalized” is now out in full I can happily say that this is without a doubt Disturbed’s most mature album to date. It is also the album that has the best guitars of any of their albums; that’s what really stood out to me. They had the same sound and feel as Disturbed, but the pacing and texture of them were fresh to my ears and while David Draiman’s voice still remains the same it has not lost it’s potency one bit for me. The lyrics of all 16 songs (that’s with the deluxe version (13 with the normal version)) tackle at times very deep issues like the loss of someone close to you (“Save Our Last Goodbye”), the injustice that is done by big business and government (“The Vengeful One”), and confessing your love for another (“Your Mine”). And there’s this other song about a certain substance that I’m not too keen on either (the song, that is), just my personal opinion. And another thing that Disturbed is known for has returned with “Immortalized”: a cover song. This time that song happens to be “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel; one of the most popular and well known folk songs out there, and Disturbed pulled it off amazingly well, I gotta say! They didn’t make it heavy like with “Land of Confusion”, instead they kept it calm and breathed fresh air into the album with different style of vocals, guitars, feel; everything. And I’ll be honest in saying that while “Immortalized” isn’t my favorite Disturbed album by a fair margin, it is definitely a more than worthy enough come back for this band who have garnered such a reputation for their music, and “Immortalized” lives up to that reputation all the way. This is definitely a good album that fans will not be disappointed with at the end of the day.


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