Morvidus – …As Shadows in the Night

a2007184206_10 Never have I heard of a man thinking to create a black metal album that combined several aspects of literature alone, but that is exactly what the one man band, Morvidus, has done with his debut album “…As Shadows in the Night”. Taking a massive influence from the Romantic era of literature, Morvidus creates an amazing blend of lyrics that take bits from famous authors of the time like Johan Christian Dahl, Caspar David Friedrich and Samuel Palme while also making interpretations of works like “Ozymondias” and “MacBeth”. He then takes those influences and molds them into an atmospheric black metal format that has a terrific flow and sound to them that sounds absolutely magnificent. The vocals were without a doubt more than good enough for any sort of black metal album, the guitars were fast but still held rhythm that I still cannot get over how good it is, and the drums have a great beat for all of the album (where they’re included, that is). Overall, this is an extremely solid atmospheric black metal album that I cannot express how much fans of the genre should check out because it’s got everything you could ever need.


LISTEN to “…As Shadows in the Night” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Morvidus on Facebook here.


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