Stone Healer – He Who Rides Immolated Horses

a3917999182_10 Sadly, there’s not a lot of bands of the metal world who know how to make their music contain any sort of emotion, and that’s what makes them stale and boring. That is the exact opposite the case with Stone Healer’s brand new album, “He Who Rides Immolated Horses”, and it’s fantastic because of (1) that cover art is sick and (2) these 4 tracks are absolutely fantastic by any standards. This album is creative in every sense of the term from the cover to the pace and rhythm of all the instruments. The vocals went from a flowing singing voice to those that were more brutal but not to really death metal lengths, but they were intense nonetheless. Stone Healer even dares to change gears with the third track being completely acoustic and having female backing vocals that aren’t anywhere else on “He Who Rides Immolated Horses”, and they work extremely well. Every track has its own strengths and unique little things that make them special whether it be the style of the vocals, length of the track itself, sound of the guitars, and/or how much emotion Stone Healer decided to pour into the lyrics. Oh, I also forgot to mention that Stone Healer is a one man band that had guests on “He Who Immolated Horses” even though those people aren’t in the band itself (hence them being guests), so if that doesn’t blow your mind after listening to this album then I don’t know what will. Stone Healer has created a great album that has got to be heard no matter who you are as I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing you like from it. An absolute must listen to.



LISTEN to “He Who Rides Immolated Horses” on Bandcamp here.

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