Nathyr – As the Legacy Unveils

a3325216692_10 There’s nothing quite like a folk metal album done in a unique way, if you ask me. The genre always manages to amaze me as different bands implement different instruments depending on its sound and/or if it’s influential from their culture, and in this case it’s the latter of the two. Nathyr’s debut album, “As the Legacy Unveils”, is an amalgamation of progressive, death, and folk metal that are all blended together amazingly without any one genre overpowering the other. “As the Legacy Unveils” is also representative of Nathyr’s Egyptian origins as the instruments used on the album are instruments that are tied very much with Egypt, so there is a persistent Egyptian sound and feel to this album for it’s entirety. Outside from the instruments being noteworthy, the vocals also standout as they are extremely deep and brutal which bring out the death metal aspect of “As the Legacy Unveils” which has an excellent sound through each song. Then the guitars and drums don’t stick to any sort of rhythm or particular sound throughout the album as each song is its each own little experience which is a necessity in albums that a lot of bands tend to lack nowadays unknowingly. Nathyr has truly created an interesting album that a if you like a heavy folk records that is different in almost every aspect, then you can expect that Nathyr is the band for you and they will continue to be after their debut becomes more widespread. Their next album should be intriguing to say in the very least.


LISTEN to “As the Legacy Unveils” on Bandcamp here.

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