Deathwhite – Solitary Martyr

PromoImage (61) Dark metal has always been that genre for me that has always seemed to be good, but any band that I’ve heard from that genre never really ends up in my favor. It always sounds clunky and lazy to my ears, but Deathwhite has thankfully broken that trend for me with their newest EP, “Solitary Martyr”. All 5 tracks off of this album are very smooth, and flow really well together which is something that I also think a lot of dark metal bands lack and could use a lot more for obvious reasons. The vocals have an amazing flow to them that I could not get over with how hauntingly calm they are and the hooks that they have strategically placed throughout the album. The guitars had an amazing sound that wasn’t all that heavy, but they still held an intensity that I cannot help but approve of, and they also slow down and go into a solo acoustic that really makes the album feel fantastic whenever that happens. Then the beat of the drums was absolutely killer and they really helped the album progress, as you would expect from all that tapping. Like I said, “Solitary Martyr” is the first dark metal album that I’ve ever approved of and I cannot wait until Deathwhite puts out another album because I’m positive that they will make another solid album without a doubt.


LISTEN to “Solitary Martyr” on Bandcamp here.


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