Archaea – Catalyst

10991431_10153157543109887_8341851958872544830_n I’m not sure what it is with Gothenburg, Sweden producing amazing melodic death metal bands, but I can say that I’m not even getting close to bored with that place after it’s produced great bands like Despite and Chugger. And now, another such band has been added alongside them and that band is Archaea with their debut full length album, “Catalyst”, being the exact breath of fresh air that I needed as a melo-death fan while still remaining true to the traditional feel of the genre. The “fresh air” that I’m talking about is the fact that Archaea has a fucking guy on keyboards, and it works! I cannot remember when I’ve seen keyboards in a melo-death band simply because I’ve never fucking seen it before! All 10 tracks off of “Catalyst” were masterfully done. The vocals never wavered in their brutality and kept pace with the guitars and bass which had a rhythm the likes of which was fast, intense, and far more than just guitars to head bang to. The drums had a fantastic beat to them that I unknowingly was tapping my feet to. And I’ve already explained the amazingly intriguing and innovative keyboards. “Catalyst” sent chills up my spine, man! I don’t get that every day! It had such an intense and awesome feel in each and every track, and it all builds up to the final track, “Sol”, which was had such a pure and royal sound to it that it left me wanting more, and here I am on my third spin of the album. . . it’s worth it! If you are even close to a fan of melodic death metal than you have to check out “Catalyst” whatever you do when it comes out August 28th. Archaea have instantly earned my respect and is now on of my favorites from Swedish melo-death among the likes of Feared, Despite, and even (dare I say) fucking Amon Amarth!


LISTEN to the opening track, “Omnicide”, on Bandcamp here!

LIKE Archaea on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Archaea on Twitter : @ArchaeaSwe

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