Obedience to Dictator – Hogzilla

a0643183325_10 Brutal death metal has never really been my favorite kind of death metal, but I’ve always been willing to check it out for curiosity’s sake. And thank God (or Satan, whatever) that “Hogzilla” by Obedience to Dictator is something that I could really listen to even though I’m still not crazy over it. The vocals were as brutal as you would expect from brutal death metal while also having a killer sound, guitars that were intense, and drums that matched just about everything else in terms of intensity. If you’re into brutal death metal then “Hogzilla” is for you. It doesn’t have any sort of set formation, making the EP more raw than what other albums tend to be. Also, if you’re looking for something that absolutely punches your face over and over again until you’re a bleeding pulp, then Obedience to Dictator is for you. And you can decide if your face bleeding to a pulp is a good thing or not.


LISTEN to “Hogzilla” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Obedience to Dictator on Facebook here.


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