Dystrophy – Wretched Host

PromoImage (60) I think anyone who sees that album cover can all immediately agree that this is death metal without a doubt. But it’s not normal death metal, otherwise it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. While still retaining that feel of old school death metal, Dystrophy brings a 5-string electric violin into the mix. Albeit it’s only heard on the opening and closing tracks, it’s still interesting enough and very unique compared to what you’d hear from a not so unique death metal album. In between those two tracks are beefy and intricate death metal tracks that absolutely destroyed. Brutal vocals mixed with your expected intense guitars and fast drums, “Wretched Host” isn’t far off from your typical death metal record as it has Dystrophy’s own little unique sound that every band has. I honestly cannot say that I’m nuts for “Wretched Host”, but I do know that this album will be like God’s (or Satan’s) gift to them with Dystrophy’s brutal sound and unrelenting everything. It is truly an album for the hardcore death metal fans, maybe even brutal death metal fans.


LISTEN to “Wretched Host” on Bandcamp here.

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