Ahab – The Boats of The Glen Carrig

PromoImage (59) There’s nothing like hearing from a band who pioneered a genre of their very own. Much like how Alestorm invented pirate metal and A Breach of Silence tweaked metalcore into powercore, Ahab have transformed their doom metal into a seaworthy subgenre of doom metal: nautic (or nautik) doom. As you might have guessed by the word choice and album cover, Ahab’s new album “The Boats of The Glen Carrig” is heavily influenced by the sea. More specifically, a novel of the same name written by William Hope Hodgson first published in 1907. Regarded as a “survival and adventure story with elements of psychedelic horror in the form of weird weed monsters and dangerous snail-like creatures”, the book is the perfect thing for Ahab to make a doom metal adaptation out of. This album combined crushing guitars and brutally guttural vocals that were destructive to say in the least with a more smooth and calmer everything (vocals, drums, guitars, pacing, etc.) that worked really well. The calmer bits would go on for a little while in these traditionally long songs (6-15 minutes long in this instance) before the switch being immediately flipped that would bring in the brutal guitars and drums mixed with intense vocals that doom fans everywhere should be able to come together and say “yes”. “The Boats of The Glen Carrig” is a very interesting album that is definitely one to check out if you want a little spin on your doom metal because Ahab’s spin comes in the forms of fucking typhoons and whirlpools as this album kicks ass, and I’m sure plenty of people will realize that when this album drops August 28th.


WATCH the music video for “Red Foam (The Great Storm)” off of this album via YouTube below.

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